Sunday, December 7, 2008

the little people inside (2)

If you thought Telebubbies was odd, you haven't seen In the Night Garden, in which a cast of weird and wonderful characters trundles around in psychedelic carriages through a gardeny forest setting, singing odd little songs like "Iggle piggle", "Upsy daisy", and "Makk pakka Akka wakka Mikka makka moo!".

Unn, Ooo and Eee, the Tombliboos, are little monosyllabic creatures who live amongst the labyrinthine twigs of a big, round bush, and I must admit, I've seldom seen a house I'd like to live in more. Apparently, though, they don't just live there, they also live inside our television.

Thomas (5) - Mum, if we made a hole in our television, they would be inside, wouldn't they?
Mummy (40) - Well, not exactly. If there was a lion or a person on the television, would they be inside it?
Thomas - Noooo, Mum! (said in "how could you be so silly?" tones)
Mummy - But the Tombliboos live inside our television, do they?
Thomas - Yes!

I can see I've still got some explaining to do.

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