Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a frog pond cake for Andrew's 3rd birthday

Our 2 year old, Andrew, turns 3 today! His nickname is "Froggy" because he jumps around the house so much. He asked for a "froggy cake", so we made a frog pond cake. It turned out well and was very easy. Here it is:

Here's how we made the cake. We made some blue jelly and put in in the fridge to set.

We lined and greased a cake tin.

We made the cake using a gluten free packet cake mix.

Licking the spatula is, of course, an essential part of the operation!

The cake's ready!

We levelled the top with a sharp knife.

We scooped out a frog pond with a spoon (I wish we'd made the pond a bit bigger).

We made some green butter icing.

We iced the cake around the pond.

We mashed the blue jelly and put it in the pond.

We kneaded green food colouring into royal icing, rolled it out, cut circles, and cut small triangles out of the circles to make lilly pads.

We kneaded yellow food colouring into royal icing, rolled it out, and cut some flower petal shapes.

We arranged the lilly pads and flower in our jelly pond.

We put some small plastic frogs on the lilly pads.

Voila! One froggy cake.

(And, of course, we made some frog-in-the-pond to go with the cake.)

Happy 3rd birthday Andy!


Anna said...

Hi Jean,

Very cute! I think that making kid's birthday cakes is one of my favourite parts of the whole birthday thing. Every birthday, my kids like to recite the whole list of every cake they have ever had- my daughter has requested a lighthouse cake for later this week...hmm I'll have to be creative with that one.

have a great day with your 3 year old,

Valori said...

What a creative cake, Jean :). You have a lot of energy. I have made creative cakes in the past, but I was happy this past week when Patrick, who turned 11, wanted a simple dirt cake with gummy worms, and Braden, who turned 6, wanted a plain white cake with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, and his name written in red :).

Jean said...

Yes, Anna, I agree - the cake is the best fun! We also have a long list of cakes we've made, and our cookbooks about birthday cakes have fallen apart, the kids read them so much!!

About the lighthouse - how about a large swiss roll on end? Then all you have to do is ice it, maybe make a pointed bit at the top (carved from another swiss roll), and use coloured yellow sugar for the sparkly light bits. Just an idea which you've proably thoughts of already! You'll have to send me a picture!

Jean said...

Hi Valori - it looks creative but it was actually very easy. We were all saying "have a froggy pond cake not a frog cake, Andy" because it was easier than making a cake shaped like a frog!

I don't have a lot of energy, but I do enjoy making cakes. And often we don't bother - it depends on energy levels. I'm very grateful when all they want is a cake with the letter "E" on top of it or something easy like that!!

It doesn't really matter, does it, as long as it's something they enjoy!!

I love the idea of a dirt cake. Was that from that book about Ruby and Max? What a great idea!