Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little Golden Books quiz clues

I can see that not many of you had a misspent youth reading Little Golden Books like me! I'll have to give you some clues for last week's quiz about my 10 favourite Little Golden Books. I'll give you titles for the ones you guessed, and pictures and clues to help you guess the rest. See if you can work them out.

1. Gubble gubble gubble
I'm a mubble in a pubble

Clue: a little girl imagines. That's her, flying like a bird!

2. First came the big black engine, puffing and chuffing. Then came the box cars, then the oil cars, then the coal cars, then the flat cars.

Bec's right - this is The Little Red Caboose.

3. Green as cats' eyes
Green as grass
By streams of water
Green as glass.

Meredith guessed this correctly as The Colour Kittens

4. "We're terribly late and the train won't wait." ...
"We're a speedy pair. We can get you there."

Clue: that's the main character in yellow on the right.

5. The wind that blows away the thistle
Light as the little birds whistle and sing
And the little boy whistling in the spring

Clue: " I like stars. Bright stars. Quiet stars. Lighting up at night stars."

6. "I was meant for bigger things."

This was guessed correctly as Scuffy the Tugboat - "This is the life for me!".

7. If I write a letter
and mail it
to someone I love,
someone I love
may write a letter to me.

Clue: what can you do with things around the house? You'll be doing well to get this one - I discovered it in my mother-in-law's house, but I'd never seen it before.

8. Then he opened the box and out came the teeniest-weeniest teeny teeny teeny weeny weeny weeny little dog in all the world.

Clue: a story about a circus. If you get this, well done, it's an obscure one!

9. His wheels began to say over and over again, "Do you like butter? Do you?"

Clue: "Stay On The Rails No Matter What!"

10. And here he is where he wants to be -
A sailor sailing the deep green Sea.

Clue: the story of a sea-going dog.

Put your guesses in the comments. And if you still can't get them, Mum will have to join the guessing game after all!! Answers soon.


Nicole G said...

Number 10 is from the sailor dog. Its my 2nd favourite golden book about scuppers the sailor dog. When i was a child we had a set of 4 volumes of golden books.(long since lost) My favourite book was in this one and i've never seen it again despite numerous searches for it. Have you ever heard of Ukulele and Her new doll? Please let me know if you have ever seen it.I'd love to find a copy of it.

Nicole G said...

Number 10 is form "the sailor dog" about scuppers the sailor dog. DO you have a complete collection of golden books or know where to get them? I've been trying to track down a particular book called "ukulele and her new doll" Have you ever seen it? I would love to know if anyone has it.

Anonymous said...

No. 9 is Tootle.


Jean said...

Hi Nicole! The story about Ukelele was in my Golden Book collection, called "Storyland" - it is beautiful, isn't it?

The book about Ukelele is coming up as "unavailable" on Amazon, so it's probably rare and hard/expensive to get hold of now. But you could get hold of the collection I had - "Storyland" - online secondhand, and it's in there.

If you search "little golden books storyland" on google you'll get results like this. It won't have all the pictures of the original in it, but it will have lots of lovely Golden Books in it, including most of my favourites!!

I don't think anyone (except maybe some obscure collectors) owns all the Little Golden Books!

Jean said...

Hi Jo! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

We had about 5 Little Golden Books that my parents carted round South East Asia while I was growing up. Tootle was one of them! So I don't know many, but Scuffy and Tootle, yes!


Ruth McIntosh said...

This is a little frustrating and embarrassing - I'm tempted to cheat! I can remember all the books, but I have to admit that the names weren't my key focus... #1 was part of an anthology - can't remember the name. #4 is easy - 'The Taxi that Hurried' - a great family favourite . #5 I think is 'I Like Stars' but that's a guess. It's I Like something. #7 - now that's cheating - you found it in your mother-in-law's house and you had never seen it before! #8 - my all time favourite from my childhood - 'Circus Time!' #9 is 'Tootle'. #10 is 'The Sailor Dog'. Hope I didn't disappoint you Jeannie. love Mum

Jean said...

Hi Mum! Right to no. 4, and no. 8 is very, very close ... but not quite!

Nicole G said...

HI Jean
Sorry about the double message. I'm not very technological sometimes.

Thanks for the info about Ukulele. Would you believe i found one of only two copies available for sale in the world in Victoria on eBay. It was part of a 4 volume Little golden book library published in 1969. Thanks for reminding me of my child hood.

Jean said...

How about that? I'm glad you found a copy!

Lara said...

Thought you might find this article about Golden Books interesting: