Thursday, June 25, 2009

plans for in all honesty

It's nearly school holidays here in Victoria. I'm going to take a couple of weeks off blogging. During that time you can expect some of my old favourites from this blog, mostly from the middle of last year, popping up again. I hope you enjoy them!

I've got a few ideas for next term. I'm sure I won't cover all these topics, but this is what's been floating around in my head:

  • a series on how God changes us - I'm leading a seminar on this soon. It's based on Tim Chester's great book You Can Change. You might like to get hold of a copy and read along with me. If you've already read it, maybe you could read Elyse Fitzpatrick's Idols of the Heart as we discuss this topic. Or you could read Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp's How People Change.
  • reviews of some of these books and, hopefully, Jerry Bridges' The Discipline of Grace - I'm also planning to read some books about mentoring, so they might make their way here some time!
  • resources for parents: books for mothers to use as they disciple their daughters, books for pre-teen and teen girls (we'll come to boys when mine grow up a bit!), and books which help you to talk about sex with your children
  • what I've learned from Proverbs about marriage, sex and godly womanhood
  • a post or two on pride - one about how we should feel about our gifts and achievements, and one about Jesus
  • posts on random things like coping with sleep deprivation and busy periods of life, and helping your child deal with anxiety
  • "how I ..." posts: how I use 15 minutes, how I clean my house in an hour, how I plan my menu, and how I remember what I've read, among others!
  • interesting questions which have been sent to me by readers: one on childcare, and one on marriage to non-Christians
  • I'd like to start putting a quote up each week again - with a focus on grace
  • and some fun posts too!
Tell me if there's anything else you'd like to see discussed on this blog. You can send questions to me here. I don't promise to be able to answer them, but I'll do my best!

It would be great if you could grab a copy of Tim Chester's You Can Change, Elyse Fitzpatrick's Idols of the Heart or Timothy Lane and Paul Tripp's How People Change and read along with me next term.


Lucy said...

Sounds good :) I have less blog-reading time these days so I find short posts particularly helpful (although I still like the long ones when I get time) :) Hope you enjoy your bloggy break.

Jean said...

Hi Lucy, glad you like the ideas for next term! I try, oh, how I try to write short posts, but what a struggle it is ... I'll think of you when I write the short ones!! :)