Friday, September 24, 2010

10 more things that make me happy

Last Friday I posted 10 things that make me happy. Here, for good measure, are 10 (slightly more frivolous) things that make me happy - including a few lists for you list-lovers!

1. Chocolate, plain or with something crunchy in it.

2. Driving on the open road, especially on the way to holidays. Holidays.

3. Coming home after a busy day, and the way the feel of the house changes when Steve comes home too.

4. Icecream air: the silence and stillness that rests on a house when it's quiet and uncluttered and empty.

5. Listening to a favourite Christian CD on my car stereo (current favs: Sovereign Grace Come Weary Saints and Jars of Clay The Long Fall Back to Earth; best driving songs: Jars of Clay Scenic Route and REM Find the River).

6. A beautiful big park with lots of grass, huge old trees, a river or lake and a path to walk along. Japanese gardens. Old trees. Avenues of old trees.

7. Watching a favourite DVD series with my husband in the evenings (West Wing, Firefly, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Buffy, Northern Exposure, Veronica Mars, Pride and Prejudice and Life on Mars, just to name a few) especially when we get take away curry and have an unofficial date night.

8. When my 4 year old kisses and cuddles me and says "I love you. I like you." and makes me say it back.

9. Reading a book when I can't bear to reach the end, including just about anything by JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Paul Gallico and Alexander McCall Smith; most of Tamora Pierce and JK Rowling; plus lots and lots of other books and authors I'll tell you about some time.

10. The sunny, cool, still days of Autumn.

image is by jpctalbot at flickr

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