Wednesday, September 22, 2010

some poems from Ali

If you like poetry even just a very little bit, you'll enjoy these three poems from Ali:

The Trees are Down
In the Fields
No Road

When it comes to poetry, I am a bear of little brain, but I love these poems (we must have similar taste, which is probably no great compliment to Ali!). I especially love the poem about the cutting down of trees, which reminds me of Tolkien and Robert Frost.

I've just added Ali's blog to the (very very short list) of blogs on my task bar (if yours isn't on there, it's not that I'm not reading it, it's just that these are the ones I check more regularly at the moment).

Thanks, Ali.

1 comment:

Ali said...

Hi Jean,

Why thank you for the link! I only just came across this today, because while you are in my google reader, so are too many other blogs - and it's time I pruned! Glad you enjoyed the poems, and I shall take it as a complement that we have similar taste. I really like the No Road poem - because I seem to have a "thing" for poems that use imagery, usually from nature, to make a comment on humans.