Monday, September 27, 2010

what I'm reading: give up your small ambitions from The Trellis and the Vine

Last week I told you how The Trellis and the Vine has encouraged me to be a "disciple-making disciple" whoever I'm with and wherever I am. Here are some words that particularly challenged me.

The authority of Jesus is not limited in any respect. He is the Lord and Master of my street, my neighbours, my suburb, my workmates, my family, my city, my nation - and yes, the whole world. We would not ever want to stop sending out missionaries to preach the gospel in places where it is yet to be heard, but we must also see disciple-making as our central task in our homes and neighbourhoods and churches...

We speak God's word to someone, and the Spirit enables a response...It can happen over the back fence, over dinner, or over morning tea at church. It can happen in a pulpit or on a patio...

The radicalism of this demand often feels a world away from the ordinariness of our normal Christian habits and customs. We go to church, where we sing a few songs, try to concentrate on the prayers, and hear a sermon. We chat to people afterwards, and then go home for a normal week of work or study or whatever it is that we do, in time to come again next week. We might read our Bible and pray during the week. We may even attend a small group. But would someone observing from outside say: "Look: there is someone who has abandoned his life to Jesus Christ and his mission?"...

We naturally shrink from the radical nature of this challenge. It replaces our comfortable, cosy vision of the 'nice Christian life' with a call for all Christians to devote their lives to making disciples of Jesus.

Quotes are from The Trellis and the Vine 13, 39, 43, 154.

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