Wednesday, September 29, 2010

further thoughts on patience

Thank you Simone for your thoughts on godliness at home with kids, which I found to be a wonderful follow-up (intentional or not!) to my post growing in patience.

It's good to be reminded (and very timely given yesterday's post on change) that there are things we can do to make patience easier, like

  • change our expectations of home (it's not just a place to put our feet up, but a place to serve)
  • avoid temptation when we can (some simple organisational changes certainly would have made my impatient week easier!)
  • aim for godliness in all of life (like joy) and godliness in one small area will follow (like patience)
  • inject fun and freshness into life when possible
  • enjoy God's good gift of home.

And I love this poem too. :)

Thanks, Simone.

image is from Mrs. W. at flickr


Simone R. said...

Thanks Jean. I'm egotistical enough to be much more pleased over the fact that you liked my poem than the fact that my thoughts on godliness were helpful to you!

Jean said...