Tuesday, October 15, 2013

online meanderings

Keep. On. Praying - "God may answer your 20 years of prayer today."

Tweeting the gospel for sin and suffering - Not "How do people change?" but "How does God change people?"

Evangelism across economic boundaries and Are mercy ministries really a slow death to the soul? - Two excellent posts on reaching out across economic boundaries.

Why we send our kids to the poorest public school and Let's all take a chill pill about public high schooling - "What if I stood up for not only what was good for mine, but was good for all?"

In defence of stay-at-home mums - Excellent.

Real men journal too - and women. Here's why.

Book review: Walking with God through pain and suffering - Joni Eareckson Tada reviews Tim Keller's new book.
The power to create something in your mind is a gift from God. To use that gift of imagination to create or cultivate worry, fear or anxiety is a waste of your God-given creativity. Adam Griffin

I’ve never met Orcs or Ents or Elves — but the feel of it, the sense of a huge past, of lowering danger, of heroic tasks achieved by the most apparently unheroic people, of distance, vastness, strangeness, homeliness (all blended together) is so exactly what living feels like to me. Particularly the heart-breaking quality in the most beautiful places, like Lothlorien. CS Lewis on Tolkien

Jesus is the dictionary in which we look up the meaning of words. Eugene Peterson

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