Wednesday, October 9, 2013

online meanderings

God's bright design for your bitter providences - "The secret things are the Lord’s for a very good reason. Trust him with the mystery."

In work we trust -  "What if I don't work? Or don't work at my chosen career? You are seen differently when you work. And it's hard not to buy into that."

Reflections after the death of a spouse and a daughter - "There is a sad sameness to death ..." RC Sproul Jr writes.

Misere and Staring at broccoli - Two lovely bits of writing.

All kinds of gluttons - Food idolatry comes in many forms.

13 top biographies surveyed from 18 scholars - Let the reading begin! 

CS Lewis and more - Dramatized audios from Focus on the Family. We loved the Narnia one. Here are lots more.
It’s hard for envy to hide in a grateful heart. Joe Rigney

God’s curse on the man draws him unwholesomely away from the woman, even as God’s curse on the woman draws her unwholesomely toward the man. This is why most marital counseling sessions are some variation on this theme. Wife: ‘You don’t pay any attention to me.’ Husband: ‘You are too demanding and nag too much.’ God has cursed the marriage relationship with a poisonous desire for control by the woman and a self-absorbed focus outside the relationship by the man. Richard D. Phillips

God has determined that the sufferings of Jesus Christ will be irregularly distributed throughout the church (2 Cor. 1:5). Ed Welch

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