Friday, October 18, 2013

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She yelled and called me names - A good read.

The Bible motivates us in many ways - “As important as justification is for the Christian, it’s not meant to be the only prescription in our pursuit of holiness.” Kevin DeYoung.

A ministry particularly suited to stay-at-home mums - Caring for elderly women, and being cared for in return.

Gratitude is not contingent - 'There's a world of difference between my children saying, "I am thankful that you've cooked us this meal and I appreciate it," and my child saying, "Well, at least it's not fish, that would be even worse!" Yet, we sometimes give thanks unwittingly in just such a manner.'

7 unconventional reasons why you absolutely should be reading books - Timely given yesterday's post!

The role of body and spirit in the fight against pornography - Fascinating and helpful.
How you respond to the troubles in your life will go a long way toward whether or not you ever, ever, ever develop courage, ever develop patience, ever develop compassion, ever develop sobriety and humility, ever develop any of those things. Don’t waste your sorrows. Tim Keller

Teenagers are sinners with under-developed frontal cortexes, no matter where you are. Alison

I always felt there were three steps in writing:

The first step, which is the anticipation of writing — wonderful, because there you are with an abstract idea, and you’re quite sure that you can do it, and it’s going to be quite wonderful, and you can visualize all the wonderful sales, the interviews, the reviews; you start to write your Nobel acceptance speech. And so that’s great, because there’s nothing real there, in the anticipation of writing.

Number three is the other end of that, having finished — and that’s a wonderful feeling, because number two is an agony all the way. Norton Juster

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