Wednesday, October 23, 2013

online meanderings

Can I really do nothing to make God more pleased with me? - A good answer to a good question.

When life feels overwhelming - A great post for mums and others.

Thankful for those who serve us -  I'll never think of public toilet cleaners the same way again.

Emotions: thinking about what we feel - Why it's okay to feel sad, and how to tell when it becomes problematic.

Scared of being ordinary? - There is meaning in mundane tasks, from budgeting to changing nappies to lunch with a friend.

Tell your daughter she is beautiful

6 questions we should ask ourselves before posting on social media

A concise theology of voluntary, principled book purging - I enjoyed this.
Death is an outrage, an illegitimate boundary. It is nasty and brutish. But the captain of our salvation has burst through that boundary and come out on the other side. His death was agonizing but it could not hold Him. Ours will no doubt be terrible and traumatic. But because of Christ, death will not hold us either. Carl Trueman

The true gift that the best stories give is that they scribble onto children's hearts, though perhaps in whispers and parables, the shape and flow of the Great Narrative, the 'True Myth', into which God's people through Christ are most wondrously woven, and which promises a resolution beyond any imagining. Cath

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