Thursday, October 24, 2013

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I'm a Christian and my house just burned down - A thoughtful piece written after the Blue Mountains fires.

Disappointment by design - Why God built disappointment into creation.

Is chastity possible? - A realistic look at the sexual struggles of singles - and marrieds.

And some numbers ...

10 worldly things Christians do when dating - This is really helpful.

7 arrows for Bible reading - A simple method for reading the Bible that's right up there with the Swedish method and COMA.

4 reasons the gospels could not be legend

9 hints for welcoming people into church

18 things I will not regret doing with my kids

10 very readable books by the Puritans - Start with the Sibbes book at the top - it's brilliant.
Never stop being a student. Morning after morning, bow your head and humbly pray – “Lord, please teach me your way.” Paul Tripp

Every Christian has a redemption story. Whether you are saved from cocaine addiction or a prideful heart, from deep in a prison cell or the comfort of your suburban home, your story is filled with grace. If we can't see the beauty of a redemption story, the problem isn't with the story: the problem is with us. JF Arnold

If we’re honest, we’re all hungry. We’re starving for something to sustain us. If we’re not careful, we easily slip into aims that rob us of life, aims that promise much and ultimately deliver very little — selfish gain, lustful thoughts, godless obsessions, excessive consumption, restless laziness. These aims may be easy and temporarily pleasing, but they only leave us hungrier. What our souls need is God. Marshall Segal

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