Thursday, August 28, 2008

Caution: Parenting book. Read with care. (Part 1)

Recipe for one parenting book
Take one favourite and fashionable parenting philosophy.
Add 10 sets of 10 steps, five guarantees and six dire warnings.
Mix with one heaped tablespoon each of anxiety, fear and uncertainty.
Sprinkle with Bible verses and/or psychological studies.
Decorate with a cover shot of a perfect family. Top with a catchy title.
Done when it leaves a lingering taste of self-doubt.
Serve with lashings of guilt or pride.

I have far too many parenting books on my shelves. I have even read some of them. Like many educated parents, my motto is “When in doubt, research”.

I try not to read parenting books too often for, while some brim with biblical principles and wise advice, others should come with a health warning: “May produce unnecessary guilt and even despair in susceptible readers”. ...

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Simone R. said...

Great post, Jean. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. Any chance you could extend your caution to parenting blogs as well?

Lucy said...

Don't forget to include plenty of anecdotes that demonstrate the author's flawless abiltity to implement all of their prescribed parenting rules, especially in situations where the reader would go to pieces. Also required: plenty of heartwarming stories that show how the author's now adult children are not only completely well adjusted, but spiritually inspirational and deeply grateful to their parents for raising them so well. Love your blog Jean... have just come across it and I'm really enjoying the read :)

Jean said...

Yes Simone, definitely includes parenting blogs, including anything I write about parenting!!

And Lucy, hear hear, that sounds exactly right!!

Trevor Cairney said...

Thanks Jean, like you I have lots of concerns and questions about some of these books. Trevor