Saturday, August 2, 2008

an end to blogging?

I look at Nicole's blog,
and what do I see?
A blog post like this one
staring at me!
(Jean, last Tuesday,
after I wrote this post)

Nicole's not the only one who's been taking time to reflect on the place of blogging in her life, the organisation of her afternoon, and the cooking of dinner. Sounds remarkably like my own reflections during our recent holiday! And we've come to very similar conclusions.

Like Nicole, I came up with a less demanding weekly plan for my blog (noticed any changes?). I also re-committed myself to keep off the computer after the kids get home from school. This is so:
  1. I can give the children my full attention when they walk in the door, provide a healthy afternoon tea, and spend "special time" with each child, reading a book or playing a game.

  2. I can get "odd jobs" done during the times they're playing happily (when I would often rush to the computer) e.g. folding washing, tidying a messy corner, making phonecalls.

  3. I can get dinner on the table by 6.00 sharp (something which has definitely been suffering!).
Which has an important flow-on effect: there's time to read the Bible with the kids after dinner (we've been doing this a couple of times a week, but it's happening much more often now).

Nicole and I are not the only ones mulling over the place of blogging in our lives. I find myself very aware of the faithful women who have recently closed the cellar door and cleared the fog on their blogs, so they can devote more time to the things which really matter. And the men who choose to cheat their blog and avoid distracting themselves to death so they can care for their families.

So is it time for me to end all the honesty? I don't think so. In God's good providence, I have found a ministry which (when I'm being self-disciplined!) fits well around the needs of my family, enables me to joyfully use any gifts God may have given me, is a wonderful way to stay in touch with and encourage the women who've been part of our university ministry, and seems to help others.

So here I am! And I'll be here for some time to come, God willing, as long as you keep reading. But I'll continue to re-evaluate the purpose of this blog, the energy I give to it, and whether it's time to put an end to blogging.

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mattnbec said...

Hi Jean,

I find that I can waste far too much time with emails, facebook, blog-lurking and so on. Those good things so easily rob time from the best option of better serving my husband and kids. Your three points seem to reflect the areas I've been growing in awareness that I need to work at too. Good on you for keeping on choosing the best over the good.

I am very glad you're still planning to blog because I do find it a spur to my faith. I guess less blogging for you means less to read for me as well, so it helps me to keep choosing the best over the good too!!

Jean said...

Tee hee. :) Although I'm not sure you can expect less blogging, just different! - i.e. a bit more quotes, a bit more stuff I've written already. I'm sorry, I will endeavour to blog less. Funny to think that me blogging less often could help the godliness of those who read!! Maybe we could all sign a mutual agreement pact that I won't blog on the weekends ... Or you could skip the boring bits. ;)

Lara said...

Hi Jean. I'm glad you didn't decide to stop blogging! I don't actually know you (found your blog from a link on Gordon Cheng's, who I also don't actually know) but I enjoy reading it. I found it helpful and encouraging to read blogs written by Christian women who are at the next life-stage ahead of me - i.e. motherhood! I understand the difficulties of balancing everything, but I'm glad you've found a way!!

mattnbec said...

I think you blog the right amount - the blog lengths are generally pretty good. I do skim read long blogs but I don't notice myself doing it with yours. There would be other blogs I 'drop' before IAH (although my husbands still rates higher :-) ). When I've really needed to I've just held off reading posts (esp a series) so I can wait and read it all at a time when my brain will work better.

I've introduced IAH to some friends now and you've provided some good talking points between us, so thanks. I'm thinking of asking them to hold me to account for whether I'm choosing the good instead of the best too.

Jean said...

Thanks for your thoughtful and encouraging feedback, Bec and Lara!