Saturday, August 9, 2008

online meanderings: internet dot-to-dot

Want to play a game of internet dot-to-dot? You have to get from one completely unrelated post to another, and show how they connect. Well, you don't have to, but it's fun, so here goes. Hopefully you'll find some posts worth reading along the way:

Let's start with my own post about the Faithful Writer conference. I was interested to read Tony Payne's comments on the conference, about the different issues facing Christian and non-Christian writers. And here's a great summary by Trevor Carney of his serminar about writing for children.

While I was at last Saturday's conference, my friends Emma and Nicole were at the Equip Ministry Wives' Conference, listening to some wonderful talks by Philip Jenson and Carmelina Read. Nicole (who I had a lovely time catching up with in Sydney!) tells you about the day, and how to get hold of the talks, here.

One person who often makes insightful comments about Nicole's posts is Cathy, who's started a new blog: here's what she says about how not to read the Bible. Perhaps Cathy can take note of Tony's advice about how to be lazy and blog at the same time. He's discovered a secret you'll have noticed I make use of in my own blog.

One way we're all going to be lazy during the next couple of weeks is to watch the Olympics. Gordo reminds us not to watch mindlessly, but to remember the sufferings of Christians in China, and pray for them as we watch.

And while we're being lazy, others are missing work for reasons not under their control. Here's a post about how 700 employees of Starbucks lost their jobs, which leads nicely into this link on unemployment and the idolatry of work.

The worship of work is perhaps a particular temptation for men. Here's some other advice for men: J.C.Ryle on 5 dangers for young men, J.I.Packer's on 4 things young Christian leaders need to learn, and John Piper on being careful about what your eyes see.

From John Piper to his wife Noel, who tells her own story in a fascinating series of interviews. For some reason, I found it very encouraging to discover that they are ordinary people who often have very ordinary conversations over dinner!

Not long ago, I reviewed Noel Piper's Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God, a collection of 5 short biographies of Christian women. They're reading it over at Equip book club this month. Take a look at my bloggy friend Nicole's excellent suggestions about how to read Christian biography.

To bring John Piper and biography together, what an encouraging read this is on the biography of three flawed saints! One of whom is Augustine, whose comments on happiness could have come straight out of yesterday's post on happiness.

And while we're on the topic of flawed saints, aren't we all? I conclude with a prayer to see as much of my sin as I can bear, and to know God's grace.

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sandra j said...

Jean, you are the queen of segues!

(just one quibble: Tony Payne's thing links to the wrong thing)

Jean said...

So, how do you pronounce segue?


The latter, apparently.

And I've fixed your quibble.