Sunday, August 10, 2008

the never-ending birthday

Thomas had the rare distinction of having a birthday during our mid-year student conference, half way through the school holidays. As a result, his birthday celebrations have been spread out over nearly a month. Here's some photos of the various events:

Celebration 1: mid-year conference
Now THERE'S a good present! Thomas clutches his block of chocolate, a gift from the students at our mid-year conference.Celebration 2: family birthday at Bright
For family celebrations we buy a supermarket cake and the kids decorate it with lollies. As you can see, this one's completely untouched by human feet:Thomas demonstrates the unique "ffff" blowing style.Thomas' birthday meal of choice: fish and chips. What child could ask for more?Celebration 3: fun with friends at the museum
The easiest, least expensive, most fun party we've ever had! The highlight was watching the scary tyrannosaurus projected on the wall:Thomas' birthday spread:Thomas blowing out the candles on his "proper" cake, a clock cake he chose months ago:Celebration 4: pre-school
At pre-school the cake is made from playdough, in whatever colour they're using that week - Thomas scored grey!The highlight? Handing out lolly bags to your classmates:
And eating them yourself, of course.

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