Saturday, August 30, 2008

evangelicals, emotions and embarrassment

Reformed evangelicals often seem a little embarrassed about expressing emotion. Other forms of Christianity have other weaknesses, including an over-emphasis on emotion, but this is ours.

So while we're on the topic of feelings, here's a fantastic quote from Mike Raiter about evangelicalism:

Haven’t you ever wondered…why we make more of what we believe than whom we trust? We are in love with the gospel, but feel a little uncomfortable with Jesus… It is gospel, gospel, gospel, but where is Jesus? … Sometimes, evangelical Christians talk about their faith as if it is essentially a creed we subscribe to, rather than a person we belong to…You could easily get the impression that the chief end of man is to “read the Bible and study it forever”…

We sing to one another the most sublime and thrilling truths imaginable. Yet, so often, we do so with little fervour or evident intellectual or emotional engagement…It is tragic to hear sermons on, say, the seriousness of sin, the majesty of Jesus, the assurance of salvation, the expectation of glory, delivered with all the passion one might show in giving street directions to a passing motorist… I expect that we will sing in heaven because our first response on beholding the glory of God will not be to break up into discussion groups, but to break out into adoration and praise.

Mike Raiter Stirrings of the Soul 228-30, 247.

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