Sunday, November 11, 2012

online meanderings for parents

Changing the maybe culture in our church - What attitudes should we have as we take our kids to church, Sunday School, youth group? Useful advice! Jon Thorpe.

Do you love your child too much? -  You excuse your child's bad behaviour. You can't bear it when they are angry with your discipline. You try to shield them from mistakes. You struggle to let them go. Kim Shay.

A wise mum remembers grace - A beautiful post about motherhood and grace. Sarah Condie.

"We always do prays together." - The impact of a father who prays with his kids. Gina Black.

Should you let your kids go on sleepovers? - Susie, Deb and I discuss the issue in the post and comments here. Add your thoughts!

10 scientific tips for raising happy kids - I want to read this, so I'm bookmarking it. Looks like excellent secular advice.

7 things a pastor's kid needs from a father - Excellent! Barnabas Piper.

Kik the habit - Helpful guidelines about children and teens using Intagram and Kik on their iPods or smartphones. Susie.

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