Friday, November 16, 2012

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The day my dad chopped down an idol - A wonderful story. Beverly Chao Berrus. 

Why is it so hard to rejoice when God blesses others? - "It should be the most natural thing for us to rejoice when God blesses others because he’s crowned us spiritual billionaires." Mark Altrogge.

A new(ish) blog about the challenges of being a church planter's wife - Woo hoo! Belinda writes well and has great stuff to say.

The contrarian's guide to leadership - 10 pointers to being a good leader. I see so many of these in the good leaders I know, including my husband. Steven Sample via Macca.

Parenting advice and why you should take it with a grain of salt - If you need a laugh today, and some encouragement from a very real mum, then read this. Love it! Deb.

4 models of manhood - I like this! I wonder what the woman's version would look like? Tim Chester.

Learning to love your kids unconditionally - "This is one of the hardest jobs I have ever been asked to do. I think it would be easier to go bungee jumping and sky diving than to love my children in the same manner God loves me."  Sarah Condie.

Addiction - 5 mindsets of addiction, and 5 attitudes to "put on" instead. Mark Shaw.
The Lord has a way of modulating the key in which life plays. Many psalms are in the “minor key” emotionally. But it is a sorrow that continually reckons with God: his lovingkindness, his watchful care, his forgiveness. Psalms take us by the hand. We learn how to honestly face trouble, how to give voice to deep internal struggles, and how this can often segue into a “major key” sense of confidence, safety, and even (on occasion) exultant joy. David Powlison
Psalms ultimately demonstrate the thoughts, experience, emotions, and voice of Jesus. He is the only completely sane human being, and he is a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief. He is also a man of joy, and an intimate friend of gladness. David Powlison

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