Friday, November 30, 2012

Ben, migraines, and thankfulness

It's been a tough year for my 12-year-old son Ben. He suffers from migraines, and missed most of term 2 of school. During term 3 he was better than he's been for years thanks to his new medication, for which we thank God! But early this term he was sick again for a month, due to a nasty virus that stirred up his headaches. I wrote this at the end of that month.

When I think of my son this year, the words that spring to mind are "patient endurance".

I love how Ben keeps persevering and trusting in God even when he's sick. I love the way he thinks hard about his attitudes and how they affect how he's feeling. I love how he works at getting well (sleep routines, relaxation exercises, new ways of thinking, headache diaries, exercise...)

I love Ben's loyal friends and his hunger for learning, that mean he keeps up at school, even though we grieve over all he misses out on. I love that he still loves hearing God's word, even though it's often difficult for him to be at church. I love the way he soldiers through the days, and how his teachers come up to me and say, "He tries so hard!".

I love Ben's loud enthusiasm when he's well, even though it can be a little trying (as he says, he has to make the most of it!). I love the way his eyes light up when he's playing complicated games with his sister. I love his "imaginations": inventing languages, designing elaborate constructions on Minecraft, writing a novel about another world.

I love the long conversations we have on the way home from (yet another) doctor's appointment. I love our precious half-hours on the couch, when he fills me in on what he's been thinking about. I love our games and our cuddles and our love for all the same books.

I love his patience and quiet persistence. I love his compassion and helpfulness. I love his love for Jesus.

I love my Ben.

P.S. Ben has recovered from his virus and has been well for several weeks now, except for a couple of one-day migraines. Thank God with us, that well is our new normal.

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Rachach said...

That's a beautiful post Jean. So glad to hear he's been well recently.