Thursday, November 29, 2012

online meanderings

No little person - A beautiful memory of Francis Shaeffer.

My heart is heavy - The book of Job in the life of a cancer sufferer. Beautiful - and sad. Macca.

How do we pray through pain? - When our prayers for relief aren't granted? Carolyn Mahaney.

The chief of sinners - A poem about Paul by John Piper. I enjoyed this greatly.

The idolatry of regret - "My middle years have ushered in a new kind of idol -- the idol of looking back. I see all the mistakes I made and roads not taken." Staci Eastin.

Signs of an abusive relationship and what the Bible says about abuse in marriage. Mary Kassian.

From scroll to screen ... to scrolling - What we gain and lose with a new way of reading. Fascinating! Lev Grossman.
Sometimes old and simple truths affect us in new ways. In fact, this seems to be an essential feature of spiritual growth. The passage that was ho-hum last week now plumbs the depths of our souls. We are always re-discovering simple spiritual realities as the Spirit brings new light and depth to old truths. Ed Welch

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