Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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The key to resolving conflict - Forgiveness, and how it's possible. Dave MacDonald.

The poor are always with you - "Christians must love the poor, because God has a heart for the poor. Caring for the poor is not the gospel, but the gospel teaches us to do it. It’s not strategic. It’s just right." Con Campbell.

Confessing sin to your boyfriend or girlfriend before you get engaged - Read this if you're considering marriage. Deepak Reju.

God's guidance and the mundane world of motherhood - "Many times I felt a strong desire to do something big for God. Something risky and exciting, and yes, often more glamorous than the everyday things I was already doing. I don't recall ever feeling 'led' to do the laundry or dust the furniture." Staci Eastman.

A talk to listen to (for perfectionists) - "Perfectionists tend to spend more time talking to themselves than talking to Jesus."

A series to follow (for Eeyores) - Do you see the sadness in life? Are you given to self-pity? David Powlison.

A book to read (for everyone) - "Making the most of the Bible" by John Chapman. Macca.

A book not to read - and one to read (for women) - Mary Kassian reviews "A year of biblical womanhood" and quotes from her own "True Woman 101".
Here are some sweeping generalisations that I've experienced in my time as a mum. Homeschooling (more Christian). Working mother (less Christian). Daily family devotionals (more Christian). Strict sleep routines (more Christian). Child watches television (less Christian). Immaculate house (more Christian). Lunches from school canteen (less Christian). Perhaps you've had experiences of this in your own context. And each context has its own subtleties. But as Paul has reminded the Galatians, there isn't a more or less way of being a Christian. You either trust in Jesus or you don't. It's free. It's simple. Jenny

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