Monday, December 17, 2012

online meanderings: books to read

I keep meaning to post something about my favourite reads for the year, but haven't had time yet. So I've collected a few book recommendations for you instead.

Heading Home by Naomi Reed (reviewed here by Macca). I just finished this, and I loved it.

Tony Reinke's top 12 Christian books of 2012 - There's something here for everyone.

An Atheist Philosopher’s Book of the Year (by a Christian) and a Christian Theologian’s Book of the Year (by an Unbeliever) - Fascinating. Justin Taylor.

Biblical counselling book recommendations - A bunch of books on a number of issues: anxiety, addictions, depression, etc etc etc...

Four great picture books that will help you talk to your kids about God - Macca.

Holding on to hope by Nancie Guthrie. Sounds like a wonderful book for those who are suffering. Reviewed by Macca.

If you read only one book on culture, read this one - Tim Keller.

Fearfully and wonderfully made by Megan Best. On my To Buy list.

Making the most of the Bible by John Chapman. Macca.

Oh, and for the record, my favourite read of the year was Tony Reinke's Lit!.

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