Saturday, December 1, 2012

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God is invisible - Ed Welch brings glorious meaning to a well-known truth, and teaches us how to meditate on truths about God.

Strangers in the world - An old creed brimming with wisdom about how to live "in the world, but not of it". Justin Taylor.

How to help the hurting - Words of deep wisdom about suffering. I'm reading Job, and this is in direct contrast to his so-called comforters! Nancie Guthrie.

In defence of young marriage -  Wise thoughts from my friend Maddison, who is both young and getting married soon. Brought tears to my eyes.

What understanding a person's culture can't tell you - I have found this so true as I get to know women from other cultures: every individual is (2) unique (2) part of a common humanity. Tim Chester.

Childlessness - "That’s how childlessness hits me, in surprise attacks." A beautiful post by a childless woman.  Erin Straza.

A plea to writers (and some simple commentaries) - If you write, read this. If you read, read this. A plea for simple, clear writing - and some simple, clear books. Shona.

Book review: Heading home - by Naomi Reed. I read this, then bought 2 copies: 1 for me, 1 for a friend.

Book review: Fearfully and wonderfully made by Megan Best. On my To Buy list.
Sometimes we see people struggling and we want them to come so quickly to resolution, to figure everything out. The truth is, as we minister to others, we do want them to come to resolution, we do want them to come to some peace, figuring things out. But sometimes I think we are in a much bigger hurry than God is Himself. What a gift it is to others to be willing to sit—not forever, but at least for a while. To just go, “Wow, this is hard isn’t it?” 
Don’t think tears are the problem. Tears are a gift that God gives us to help wash away the deep pain that we feel and experience from living life in the brokenness of this world. There are some things worth crying about. There are some people worth crying about. Nancie Guthrie

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