Saturday, December 15, 2012

online meanderings

Sorry I haven't been writing much recently. Blame it on pre-Christmas busyness - why is it that teeth and cars always need to be fixed in the lead-up to Christmas? - and in the meantime enjoy these posts by people more organised than me.

Gospel reminders anyone can do - Many years ago I developed a test of all ministry principles and practices. It’s called the “Does it work for a single parent mother of 3 young kids?” test. Mark Lauterbach.

Why you're still here - When life is painful and you wonder why God doesn't just take you home. Joe Thorn.

Don't just see me as someone who's suffered - Wise advice about how to treat those who have suffered - and what we can learn from them. RC Sproul.

Custom-make your own conference - I love this idea. I wouldn't mind getting together with some of the women doing Titus 2 things around Australia! Macca.

More gospel centred than thou - "God knew exactly what he was doing when he put indicatives AND imperatives in Scripture, when he used words like 'fight,' and 'strive,' and 'put to death' in the New Testament. He knew what 'therefore” meant too."  Mark Lauterbach.

How many gifts are enough? - Brilliant ideas for limiting Christmas spending and serving others at Christmas. Wish I'd read this when we first had kids. Shawn Mazelin.
Our Christmas gifts shouldn’t just travel on a two-way street so givers and receivers can delight in one another; they should travel on a one-way street so that the needy may be helped, being imparted to those who may not be able to give in return. Miroslav Volf

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