Thursday, December 6, 2012

online meanderings

The beauty of faithful suffering - "Soft peach fuzz graces the top of her head. She is the most beautiful woman I know..." Melissa Kruger.

5 signs you glorify self - Paul Tripp.

10 common mistakes we make in difficult relationships - Brief and good. Lina Abujamra.

How to keep going through pain - Disciplines help, even when they feel empty. Sinclair Ferguson.

Journey with cancer - Macca reflects on what he's learned this year. I felt like I was learning alongside him as I read.

Bake biscuits can be a response to God's grace - An interesting response to all the "grace means we don't have to feel bad as mums" posts. Rachel Jankovic.

Teens actually want and need limits on their behaviour. - "In early adolescence, it's fair to say at any given moment, 'I can look at your computer; I can look at your phone.' " William West.

Are we playing God? - Modern medicine: how should we regard it as Christians? A helpful article. Megan Best.
Of all I love about God—and there is a lot I could list!—this is very near the top, that he chooses such unlikely people to benefit from his gifts and his grace. He lifts up those who know they are unworthy and brings down those who consider themselves most worthy. He passes over so many of the brilliant and rich and powerful, and instead bestows his grace on the lost and the least.  Challies

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