Monday, December 3, 2012

online meanderings for parents

Collected over a few weeks, these aren't necessarily up-to-date - but they're good.

Raising a family of missional disciples - I love this idea, and there are some good suggestions here. Zachary Veron.

Children's Bible reading plan - David Murray posts these weekly. Brief, simple, clear: they're a useful resource.

A wise mum understands the impact of her words - This is very helpful - and convicting. Sarah Condie.

"It's not fair!" - When and why a parent needs to be an impartial judge. Jonathon Holt.

How to give kids a healthy view of sex and purity (besides "the talk"). I especially like the first of these. Brad Hambrick.

From Virtue to Vanity (and Values) - How the goals of adolescent girls have changed (and some good advice for the rest of us). Annabel Nixey.

Tips on how to prepare teenagers for situations where others may misuse alcohol - A useful set of conversation starters. Helen Splarn.
The measure of productivity, as a parent, is not necessarily in how many items I can cross of my "To Do" list, important as those items may be. As a parent, the measure of ultimate fruitfulness is often when I seek the grace to grind the pace to a halt, and rather than rushing through the moment to complete a specific task, instead pause, looking into the eyes and hearts of my little people. Elisha Galotti

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