Sunday, December 9, 2012

online meanderings for pastors and teachers

Three liberating limitations in ministry - A wonderful little post, worth reading every word. Zack Eswine.

A 3-part plan for pastoral ministry - 1. Study God’s word. 2. Do it. 3. Teach it to his people. "A failure in any one of those three areas will prove disastrous over the long haul." Michael McKinley.

Disarm your hearers - Anticipate logical, emotional and practical resistance. Good advice for Bible teachers. David Murray.

4 reasons men don't read books and how pastors can help. Tony Reinke.

3 common areas of neglect in a pastor's life - I'm not a pastor, but I found this convicting. Brian Croft.

10 questions about preaching answered by Tim Chester. There are lots of good insights in this interview.

6 tips on how to deliver a conference paper - Not that I'm ever likely to. But I like this. Fred Sanders with Justin Taylor.
"Always repeat the first sentence of a new point three times,” said Dave. “But all that repeating will make my talk too long,” I replied. “Exactly,” said Dave. “Unless you take out all the stuff that shouldn’t be there, you’re delivering good essays instead of good sermons.” Dave Richie

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