Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Couch to 5K: *pause* for sore knees

So far, I've done 5-weeks-plus-a-day of Couch to 5K twice!

The first time was last summer. That's what you've been reading about. It ended with a sore left knee and a month-long break from running.

The second time - well, you've been reading about that too, because I've been running at the same time as I've been posting.

This time I got through the 20 minute run with no localised knee soreness.
Running part 2
Here's what I'm doing differently this time around:
  • I do a set of stretching exercises, based on these, at the end of every run. They are necessary for every jogger, apparently - running creates injury without them - and I love doing them! I'm more flexible than I've been in years.
  • I bought a new pair of runners, designed particularly for the way my feet pronate (or is that supernate?  I don't know). But they make a huge difference - much more padding than my old cross-trainers!
  • I started wearing a patella band just under my left knee. Not a cure-all, apparently. But it really does help my knee to feel more stable.
  • I slowed down once I got near the 20 minute run, and repeated the 2 x 8 minute run a few times. No point rushing things!
  • I changed where I run, keeping to a place with more even surfaces and less slants and hills.
I'm still getting a little general knee achiness, but much less than the first time around (and I suspect due to some extra over-doing it during the last week).

I've pulled back a bit this week, and will e-a-s-e back into jogging over the next week or so - and keep you updated.

Not sure  I'll ever make a long-term jogger, much as I'd hate to give it up! I love running. But if I keep getting sore, I might have to try a different form of exercise.


Anonymous said...

I recently turned 40 and have decided that gentle exercise is the way to go (for me). A good long walk or swim, and some yoga or pilates makes me feel good. Boot camp and jogging does not.

Jean said...

:) Sounds wise. Unfortunately, jogging makes me feel wonderful - and I need this at the moment - just not my knees. So might need to think again.

Knee Pain said...
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