Friday, May 3, 2013

our week

I thought I might start giving you a little picture of our lives each week. (Okay, so probably not every week.) I'm hoping this will:

- be a mini-prayer letter for those of you who support and pray for us
- fill in those of you who are just interested in how we're going
- be an aide-mémoire and a bit of fun!

So here goes! This week,

I thought I had to have my tooth out, but it turns out I don't. For the time being. Seems the problems it would create are as many as the problems it would solve. Which is kind of cheering - and kind of not, as I still have problems with my tooth. And my knees. But that's another story.

Steve is busy with talk-writing. Again. It's that time of year. He's also preaching at a wedding tomorrow. Always a bit scary-making.

Lizzy was on the radio today - for real! - for her media class. She talked about spiders in her bedroom, finding a mouse on her bathroom floor, and her brothers clinking their teeth on their spoons at dinner time. Not sure I will ever show my face in public again.

Ben is in the middle of a migraine. He made it to 2 days school this week. Would have been 3, but the athletics carnival was on *sigh*. Still, we are making steady progress, and he did get to go to work with Dad.

Thomas is 3/4 of the way through a big pile of books for his Premiers' Reading Challenge.  "Just finish one, Thomas, so I can write it down!" - that's me.

Andy keeps begging me to buy star fruit. It's good to see the boy who survives on rice and tomato sauce actually wanting to try something new.

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