Thursday, May 23, 2013

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Time travel: the key to holiness - I went back for a second look at this one. Wow!

Lashing out at God in prayer - Is it ever proper to express anger against God? "We need to notice not just the complaints the biblical saints sometimes make, but the responses God gives. It is never proper to accuse God of wrongdoing."

Depression and catastrophizing - A really good set of guidelines. (Use of the Bible: not quite so good.)

Care for your brothers and sisters in Christ, in a crisis and when it's chronic. Towards the end of this post, you'll find two helpful lists to prod you into compassion.

When your kids get home from school, HALT and It's not all about ME-time - Two good posts for mums.

On writing well - 4 very helpful suggestions and some choice quotes. The first one made me Laugh Out Loud.

Book reviews: A call to spiritual reformation and A praying life - My two favourite books on prayer, reviewed by Wendy.

Who is publishing good books today? - There you are, Matthias Media! There you are, Good Book Company! Good to see these UK and Aussie publishers on Challies' list.

If you’re struggling with legalism, don’t fight it by quitting your quiet times. Trillia Newbell
I must remember God's sovereignty is not separate from His other attributes nor does it trump them. Yes, He is sovereign but He is also good. And loving. And wise. He doesn’t lay aside His love in order to exercise His sovereign authority nor vice versa. When faced with what I do not know, I can cling to what I do know: God is good. He bears our sorrows. There is future glory and the promise of heaven. Lisa Spence

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