Thursday, May 2, 2013

online meanderings

We already have it all - "I just can't do it." For those who fail - and fail - and fail again. 

Remember what Jesus has done - 3 wise encouragements.

Diagnosing our idols of the heart - A helpful little list from Tim Keller.

Envy hunts in a pack - I like the analysis of envy-related vices like malice and jealousy.

Older women still need encouragement and community - A few wise reflections.

Top 10 Psalms - I'm living in the Psalms at the moment, and I enjoyed Simone's list.

10 pictures of faith in Jesus - A helpful summary of the different pictures the Bible gives.
God in His providence may allow great pain and loss for His own glory. Severe in its pain but merciful because through it we see the glory of God. Lisa Spence
Don’t ask how your investment will be paying off in just thirty years. Ask how it will be paying off in thirty million years. Randy Alcorn
Suffered things are learned things. Eugene Peterson

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