Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Theology and the non-intellectual (me) - Even when we cook or clean, "We are all theologians in one respect or another. The question remains: what kind of theologians are we?"

Recharging emotional batteries and Some things I'm doing I wasn't doing a month ago - Excellent suggestions for slowing down, using the morning, and keeping a journal.

16 ways I judge you - After reading this, you'll be judging yourself - helpfully.

Jesus loves the scantily clad - When the length of a skirt becomes legalism.

Pakistan and AfghanistanNorth Korea - Eye-opening books about hard places.

Torn to heal - Mike Leake: why I wrote a book on suffering. Looks good.
CS Lewis helped me become alive to life. To look at the sunrise and say with an amazed smile, “God did it again!” John Piper
I find that there are three levels of clarity. When I only think about something, my thoughts are embryonic and muddled. When I speak about it, my thoughts become clearer, though not always. When I write about it, I jump to a new level of clarity. Ed Welch
My aim here at the blog: to write because I enjoy it and because I have something I want to say: Jesus saved me and I love Him and I want you to love Him too. Lisa Spence

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