Saturday, May 18, 2013

online meanderings

Lessons learned from the dark valley of depression - These lessons learned through suffering sound very familiar.

How to work in a job that you don't love - For young men unsure of the future, but relevant to us all.

How far is too far? - Well, would you passionately kiss your neighbour? A helpful article. (And a book review - Sex, dating and relationships - with yet another alternative to "dating" and "courtship" - a dating friendship!)

Is it okay for Christians to be bemoan an unexpected pregnancy? - There's lot to like about this post.

Is your complementarian culture bordering on crazy? - Some ways that culture can take over from theology when it comes to men and women.
Christians should pray long enough and honestly enough, at a single session, to get past the feeling of formalism and unreality that attend not a little praying. To enter the spirit of prayer, we must stick at it for a little while. Eventually we will come to delight in God’s presence, to rest in his love, to cherish his will. Don Cason
Embrace the vulnerability of partial knowledge. If we “know in part”—in our parenting, in our counselling, in our decision-making—we must move toward our God for his wisdom. Mike Emlet (on Zack Eswine)

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Meredith said...

A great set of posts. Thanks. It was good to read all of them.

Jean said...

Thanks, Meredith, good to know they were helpful. xxx

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