Sunday, August 25, 2013

online meanderings for parents

There have been some great posts for parents lately. I thought I'd gather them into one place.

Nice mamas don't sell their kids - I laughed and laughed, and went away encouraged.

3 lessons in parenting
Lesson 1: You control the input but you do not control the outcome.
Lesson 2: You cannot make your children want what you want for them.
Lesson 3: You must hope the best for your children even when you see the worst.

Getting real about your kids - Don't do "perfect family" parenting. Teach your kids you, and they, are sinners. Welcome their confessions. Don't be shocked; be very glad.

3 things you don't know about your children and sex - An uncomfortable must-read article.

3 styles of parenting - Who wouldn't choose the upturned funnel?

Choosing a school - A fair comparison of public / private / Christian / home schooling (with one proviso: kids can be trainees not just pawns when it comes to sharing our faith).
I look at my children, and I wish for them enough opposition to make them strong, enough insults to make them choose, enough hard decisions to make them see that following Jesus brings with it a cost - a cost eminently worth it, but still a cost. Don Carson
A mother's job isn't to wave a wand make her kids instantly sinless but to help equip and train them to fight a long, hard battle against their sin, and set their feet on a long, slow journey of growth in godliness. Nicole Starling

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