Sunday, August 25, 2013

online meanderings

A tantrum for my transformation - When the dryer breaks and I get a flat tyre and the two year old chucks a wobbly ... God is still in control.

What's the silver bullet in Muslims getting to know Jesus? -  Prolonged exposure to the Bible and prolonged exposure to Christians. Anyone can do that!

Why we don't share what we believe and 3 ingredients for an evangelistic church - Good reads for pastors and the rest of us.

When the wife is a natural leader and the husband isn't - A godly reflection.

Statistics on porn and the porn industry in graphic form.

“If it sounds like writing … rewrite it.” - 10 rules of writing. 
God cannot be reduced to a formula. We cannot manipulate God, but we can trust him, and that is far better. JD Greear

If you have had your bellyful of sin and you feel wounded and it seems like nobody cares anymore and your heart is broken because you are experiencing the bitter aftertaste of death, Jesus Christ does not say to you, “I told you so.” He says, “Come to me, and I will give you rest.” Ray Ortlund

The best Christian friends will learn my patterns of sin and rather than wait for me to call them, they will call me. Probably when I least want to hear from them. Paul Martin

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