Friday, August 2, 2013

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Comfort in, dump out and Encouragement and the languages of love - Simple but profound.

Seeing in the dark - "How could there be beauty in a boy that would never whisper his love to me?"

9 reasons why Christian leaders struggle to pray - Challenging, yes, but also helpful.

Exercise and anxiety and Controlling our worries- I've found techniques like these help turn down the emotional "noise" so I can begin to remind myself of God's truth.

Ode to the Whole Duty of Parents and 5 things every parent should say to their child as often as possible - Good food for parents.

Bible versions as Star Wars characters - Funny and insightful (and why I don't love the ESV, even though I like Yoda).

By the book - An interesting interview about books, atheism, and science.
When I am tired and feel that I must have time for myself, I am free to give a bit more.
When I think the finances won’t go any further, I am free to trust and be generous.
When I think I am being mistreated, I am free to eat that mistreatment for the sake of another.
When I think I am under appreciated, I am free to continue to give my all regardless of who sees.
When someone has truly wronged me, I am free to fully forgive them. Wendy Alsup

He shows up in big and small ways. He meets us in those moments of defeated silence, and He moves us from despair to strong hope in Him. Michael Kelley

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