Wednesday, August 14, 2013

online meanderings

When helping helps - A woman writes about cancer, what kind of helping helps, and what doesn't. Moving, confronting, encouraging. 

Are you needed in your church? - "Who would say they have the spiritual gift of changing diapers?" Sometimes the need for a servant is greater than my need to use a specific gift.
6 steps to fight worry - from the excellent David Powlison.

Grace at work in dementia - When dementia affects someone you love: a post about grief, patience, reconciliation, love, and God's grace.

Grieving forbidden - This is troubling.

A baby changes everyone, not just everything - "It was like our daughter Julia was more herself now that she was a big sister, not just a little sister."

How not to be a book glutton - Discern, throw away, lend - and accept attrition. Challies.

On looking - What happens when you learn to see a familiar city block through 11 different sets of expert eyes? Fascinating. 
We are conformed to what we admire. Jon Bloom

If your story is limited to the blessings of the here and now, you are in trouble, because your vats bursting with wine will also run dry. But if your life in this world is only the title page to your eternal story, and God also gives you some barns and vats for the present, okay. Just be sure you set your heart not on the gift, which will certainly fail you, but on the Giver, who will certainly never fail you. Ray Ortlund

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