Friday, August 30, 2013

online meanderings

How big is God’s love? - How long? How high? How wide? How deep?

When life feels uncertain - Waiting on God in times of uncertainty.

When God calls us "sheep", it's no compliment. - Our Shepherd cares for poor, lost, not-so-smart sheep like you and me (so why do I try to pretend I've got it all together?).

10 ways to be a better listener - Excellent, simple, convicting.

Not hating your husband's ministry - A helpful post for ministry wives.

The mummy wars - I'll never be "coupon mum", or "craft mum", or "organic food mum", but "imperfect-completely-loved-free-in-Jesus mum" - now that I can do.

Don't give teens unrestricted access to the internet What's you teen doing late at night on their smartphone or tablet? A needed warning.

There’s Jesus, lifting the head of a woman of the night and sending her away into the light. There’s Jesus in a crowd, healing a woman desperately trying to cover the shame. There’s Jesus at the well, transforming a woman tossed aside by multiple men. Trevor Wax, "I Weep for Miley"
Through the years, we have had numerous people leave our church feeling that their needs as believers had not been met, and frankly, many of them had legitimate complaints. Yet what grieves me the most is that never during those years has anyone so much as complained about our ineffectiveness as a mission. Many have left for personal reasons; none have departed because we failed to care for the lost. Randy Pope

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Deb said...

See, we have a problem here. You are sending me so many new and wonderful blogs that you are kind of becoming my "dealer". It's a worry (but please don't stop).

Jean said...

:D I guess there are worse things to deal in.