Friday, August 16, 2013

online meanderings

Indispensable - An autistic young man shows that every part of Christ's body is needed by the rest. I wouldn't recommend the sermon; but what a wonderful story!

Grief, anxiety, and the balm of God's word - "In addition to grief, I’ve been fighting some troubling anxiety and racing thoughts." Good to know I'm not alone.

10 simple ways to increase happiness - Sensible secular wisdom.

An atheist writes about Christianity - This is really worth reading.

Christian romance novels: should we read them? - Simone starts an interesting series.

5 back to school basics - Whatever the time of year, whatever our situation, we could all learn from this.

On looking - What happens when you learn to see a familiar city block through 11 different sets of expert eyes? Fascinating.
Sometimes an act of encouragement might seem very small - but it might end up being the grandest of all gestures. Meredith

Whatever you do, never allow yourself to get a neuroses...But it can be avoided. Keep clear of introspection, of brooding, of spiritualism, of everything eccentric. Keep to work and sanity and open air - to the cheerful and the matter of fact side of things. We hold our mental health by a thread: and nothing is worth risking it for. Above all beware of excessive dreaming, of seeing yourself in the centre of a drama, of self pity, and, as far as possible, of fears. — CS Lewis to Arthur Greeves 1923.

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