Wednesday, August 28, 2013

sometimes I love the internet

Sometimes I love the internet.

Sometimes I feel swamped by all the posts that come my way. I go away wondering, "Why do I do this to myself?". But sometimes I go away encouraged and uplifted. There are times I'm very grateful for this extended family.

I came to my computer with a thirsty heart this morning. And yes, I have read my Bible. And no, I haven't yet prayed (let's be honest here) - haven't had much of a chance, really, what with waking late after a restless night, and getting 4 kids to school at 3 different times. But I did manage 10 minutes in front of a screen while the boys (ready! amazing!) played.

God spoke to me through a few different posts today, written mostly by people I've never met. Here are three of them.

When I'm not perfect...
I wanted to be the perfect wife, the perfect mum, the perfect woman because I wanted everyone to like me and no one to be able to find fault with me. I was trying to create glory for myself by being "Super Woman". But what is worse is that I was trying to steal God's place and erase His picture of grace in my life. Because with the perfect image of self as my god, there was no room for grace. My definition of failure equaled "not perfect." The mantra of failure, failure, failure rather than grace, grace, grace washed over my heart daily. Hannah Lannigan
When I wonder if my kids will turn out okay with my very imperfect parenting...
God is sovereign and he alone writes the story of our lives. He does not give parents the ability to write their children’s days for them. You plant, you sow, and you commit them to God. And you rejoice in his mercy if they come to faith and you pray till you reach glory if they haven’t. Deb
When I'm going through a time of difficulty and change...
We go through seasons within ourselves. There are times of spring, full of creativity and intense production and newness, summers where our souls feel full, warm, relaxed and relishing. Autumns bring their contemplative reflection, and then there are winters, when we burrow into either a sweet or a menacing darkness to prepare for the newness ahead or to recover, to die down, strip back, withdraw. It never feels like winter is a productive time; by all appearances it is dead. These winters of the soul are the hardest to endure, particularly when, unlike nature's seasons, we don't know when they will end or what will be the fruit of their barrenness. We can only ask for strength to look for beauty in the icy winds, grey skies and pervading bleakness. ...

I love Psalm 90. Within a picture of an eternal, changeless God who 'has been our dwelling place for all generations' comes a prayer to God, to 'teach us to number our days that we may gain hearts of wisdom'. Life's seasons are held in an eternal hand, and even in a temporal sense this life so quickly passes away. Through Jesus the future is secure, there is light in darkness. These truths are rich, ready fuel for warmth through the wintering of our souls. Cath
Thank you, friends, for writing.

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