Sunday, April 27, 2008

expecting more from teenagers

Have you ever had that experience (if you're a parent) where people admire your cute pre-schoolers, then say gleefully: "But just wait till they're teenagers!" I always feel like punching them on the nose.

My Mum always said if you tell your kids how horrible teenagers are, they'll live up to it. She expected my brother and me to be human and likeable teenagers. We had our moments, but mostly we were.

So here's a book I've added to my wistful wishlist: Brett and Alex Harris' Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion against Low Expectations. It's a book by teens and for teens, about God's purpose for teenagers. I'll also be checking out their blog, The Rebelution.

For parents of teenagers, here's a book with a similar message: Paul David Tripp's Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide for Parenting Teens. I'll tell you more once I've read it(!).

As always, my mottos are "Be prepared" and "When in doubt, read." My daughter's 9 already, gotta get ready for those teen years!

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Anonymous said...

Good call, Jean. I believe this is the sort of thing that underpins good youth ministry too - not expecting them to hate Bible-centred ministry, simply because they're teenagers.