Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wild beauty

I woke up this morning to the creaks and groans of lemon-scented gums bending in the violent gusts. I stepped out on the back verandah, and this is what I saw.

Wild wind like a giant's paintbrush trailing brilliant orange over a purple canvas.

God splashes his colours across a squally sky.

Lest we forget his glory.


Anonymous said...


How lucky and blessed are you to see such beautiful nature from your own door? I am so glad that you did what I would do, and stopped from your busy life to take the time to marvel. I wish more people would stop to marvel at the small wonders around us all everyday. Things like this make the difference between existing and being alive.

I am enjoying your blog posts. I'm recently re-discovering christianity, and am trying to find the best way in to faith...if that makes any sense! So reading through your honesty and your insightfulness gives me much hope that I am heading the right way.


Ruth McIntosh said...

WONDERFUL PHOTO! Isn't God amazing the way he paints the sky with such vivid colour - and with infinite care 'paints' incredibly small and vivid patterns on tiny insects. The heavens - and all creation - do indeed declare the glory of God! How beautiful he must be!