Monday, October 1, 2012

online meanderings

Took me a while to get these together - a bout of food poisoning intervened. Better late then never, and this is a wonderful batch.

A battle I face - An amazing interview with Vaughan Roberts about his struggle with same-sex attraction. It's so good to see a Christian write honestly about this. Lots of helpful advice about how to talk about, live with and respond to this issue.

The common mark of imperfection and Just keep pedalling - Two "can't miss it" posts by fathers about their sons' battle with disability, and what it teaches us about the world, the gospel, and ourselves. Justin Reimer and Chris Castaldo.

Jesus' sovereignty does not keep him from weeping with us - Jesus weeps with us, and weeps so that we will not weep. JD Greear.

Beware the peril that lurks in success - "We are never more vulnerable to sin than when we are successful, admired by others, and prosperous, as King David tragically discovered. Imagine him reflecting on his adultery a year later..." Jon Bloom.

Discipling when you need to be discipled - I found this post so very encouraging. All those times the kids fight and the house is messy - looks like they might be helpful to others after all! Erin Wheeler.

The pendulum swings of life - Good practical wisdom and God's encouragement from cancer sufferer David McDonald.
In discipling women...this is our confidence: not that we have the perfect home and well-behaved children, but that in the muck and mire, God’s Spirit is at work. Erin Wheeler

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