Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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Why don't I weep for the lost? - How God used Hudson Taylor's love, witness and tears to help save a hardened athiest. Encouraging and challenging. Steve Fuller.

Fighting for your girl's worth - "We cannot convince our daughters that their value isn't measured by their grades, their looks, or their successes until we understand and believe this truth for ourselves." Melissa.

Biblical counselling in Australia - Often misunderstood, but much needed here. Don't write it off; give it a go. I'd love to see this spread in its best and wisest form.

Love is not lost - A woman writes after repeated miscarriage.

We don't do a good job with this - "Every church in Australia makes a statement about people with disabilities, and in one aspect or another it is usually exclusion." Jim Stallard quoted by Dave MacDonald.

Best birthday cake ever!!! - Surprise rainbow cake by Cath.
I set my heart on other things at the expense of cherishing Christ: becoming a “godly” wife and woman, being content in domesticity and doing it well, offering unparalleled hospitality, keeping my children as far away from worldliness as possible, homeschooling because it was the only truly “godly” way of educating children, healthy whole food eating because that meant I was in line with a more “biblical” agrarian type of living, and on and on… you get the picture. I had “gospel amnesia,” big time. Luma Sims

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