Thursday, October 18, 2012

online meanderings

I'm not busy! - "You must be so busy!" "Sorry for bothering you when you're busy!" I hear this a lot. Next time I'll say, "Read this!", then sign it, "Jean". Challies.

When you don't feel like it, do it anyway - A good little kick in the pants from Karen.

Consider it pure joy - Joy is thinking, not just feeling. Macca.

How can I be sure that God will keep forgiving me? - Dane Ortlund.

Jesus understands loneliness - God's answer to loneliness. Jon Bloom.

Don't just throw a verse at someone who's suffering. - Learn how to use that verse well. David Powlison.

7 reasons to choose not to have children - Christians, on the other hand, are to welcome the stranger - including those pesky, expensive children!

Advent calendars for children - Now's the time to buy them! These are great. Nicole Whitacre.

With a broken heart comes a fractured spirit. While our spirit will heal through the love of Christ, it can stay open. Not an uncomfortable, unhealed open, but cracked nonetheless. Being a broken vessel permits all the love that Jesus puts into us to flow back out again to others — unless, of course, we have allowed ourselves to become scarred. Kelly Stigliano

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