Monday, October 22, 2012

the solution to discontent

Elisha Galotti:
Discontent has made its way into my heart; it presses heavy, muting the sounds of life, blinding my sight. Discontent came fast and hit hard. My heart has been infected and as I walk, I’m brooding, worrying about things I’m powerless to change, wishing for things He hasn’t given...

The path out of discontentment is not through beholding all that may be good or beautiful in my situation. The path to contentment, after repentance, is remembering who I am in Christ...

Contentment doesn’t come through a sentimental inventory of the blessings in this life...There is no doubt that the blessings in this life, whether it be natural beauty, loving relationships or cozy homes, should produce hearts and words of joyful thanks to the Giver. But if I, like the apostle Paul, can be radically content if it all is stripped away, than awareness of these blessings was never meant to prod me towards contentment.

The good in this world, as beautiful and lovely as it sometimes can be, was never meant to sustain a heart of true contentment. Only Christ Himself can do that.

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Elisha Galotti said...

This is Elisha from over at 'the galottis' and I just wanted to say hello, and also express that it's such an encouragement to know that other people, to whatever small degree, have been encouraged through me. Thanks for linking this. I'll be looking forward to reading your blog, and being encouraged through you.

Jean said...

Nice to meet you Elisha! :) Thanks again for your beautiful post - it brought great encouragement to me and others.