Monday, October 22, 2012

online meanderings

How I forgot the gospel - How "gospel-centred_________" can become just another law to follow - and how the solution is (surprise!) more gospel. Jon Bloom.

Faith, work vocation as a single woman - For single women, a great post about work, hope and trust. 1. Choose to be fully alive. 2. Be fully female. 3. Know the true character of God. Kristin Hansen.

Broken families & Jesus, my brother - When families are broken, there is one family relationship that always holds strong. Cathy.

When crisis changes to chronic - We all respond in a crisis, but what about when it becomes chronic? How to care for those we've forgotten. Macca.

Give someone permission to Get In Your Face - Kimberly Wagner.
Am I wanting to look at Twitter before I look at Jesus? It sounds stupid. That’s how stupid sin is. Every morning there’s war in the Piper household, and it’s not against my family, it’s against me. John Piper

I find myself more and more turning to the Psalms throughout the day when I confront a negative attitude, or I feel sorry for myself. It doesn't magically make my situation resolve itself. What it does is remind me what is true. Kim Shay

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