Friday, September 14, 2012

my special person

My 8-year-old son Thomas wrote this about me. I'm sure you will agree there's a striking resemblance.
My mum, out of every person in the world, is the best!

Now I will tell you what she looks like. She has blue eyes and long, brown hair. Her arms are normal and strong. She has smooth skin and nice, healthy white teeth. She has perfect ears.

Now I will tell you what she does. She makes hot chocolate and sometimes she does jobs. She cooks dinner, breakfast and lunch. She also takes us to different places and at night she puts us to bed. On Saturday she watches movies.

Finally, I will tell you what she is like. She is nice and she cares for us. She loves us and helps us. She is simply the best!

I particularly like the Proverbs 31:17 touch about strong arms. Although it does sound a bit like he's describing a horse, sound in wind and limb, along with the "healthy white teeth" and "perfect ears". And no, I don't watch movies all Saturday, just in the evening, which is family movie night. But I do cook a lot of meals. And put kids to bed. And sometimes I even do jobs.


Catherine said...

That's just adorable. I love the Proverbs-ness of it, and that you make him hot chocolate. And I suppose you would perhaps do a few jobs around the place now and then, when it took your fancy :)

Sarah said...

Awww love it. He does make it sound like you watch a lot of movies and only sometimes do jobs hehe. ;)